Before & After Your Appointment

Getting Started

Before your first appointment, you will be provided with our Client Procedure Guide to read and sign.  It contains all of the details of your treatment plan.  You can also download it here.

We will ask you for a medical history to make sure you are eligible for treatment.  Please download it here and bring it with you to your first appointment.

The Week Before Your Treatment:

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To further help optimize results, we have designed a program that ensures that the body of the client is given every chance to process the fat. The program is recommended, but not mandatory, and includes:

• Drink lots of water (64 oz. per day before & after treatment)

• Discontinue use of coffee (and other caffeinated beverages) and alcohol.  If you can't live without your morning coffee - add two cups of water per cup of coffee to your daily water consumption.

• Complete details are available in the Client Procedure Guide.

At Your Treatment:

Before your first treatment and at your follow-up visit one week after your last treatment, your measurements will be taken and recorded to track your success.

Before your first treatment:

  1. Measurements must be taken and recorded on the approved Client Measurement Form.
  2. “Before” photos are taken (they will not include your face).
  3. Our staff will ask about your client’s dietary habits and emphasize the need for a balanced, low-fat, diet.
  4. Our staff will also discuss the need for mild physical exercise and ask you to commit to, at minimum, walking 30 minutes each day.
  5. All subsequent appointments are booked.

You will then receive your first treatment:

  1. You must remove your clothes, leaving on undergarments to cover the areas that are not to be treated (such as a full-coverage bra). Cover the areas that the fat is to remain and expose to the light the areas where the fat is to be drained. The light is not effective through a client’s clothing.
  2. The certified technician will position and direct the light at the target areas.
  3. Each Body Slimming treatment session is scheduled for one to one and a quarter hour(s), which includes treatment time, dressing/undressing, etc.   Other treatment times vary and will be discussed when you make your appointments.

Subsequent Treatments:

  1. At each subsequent treatment our staff will talk with you about positive reinforcement used to ensure future adherence to the program.
  2. At the one-week follow-up schedule:
  3. Post-procedure measurements are taken and recorded on the approved Client Measurement Form.
  4. “After” photos are taken.

Between & After Your Treatments:

• Continue to drink lots of water for at least three days after your last treatment.

• Limit coffee and alcohol.

• Light to moderate exercise 20-30 minutes daily.

• Eat several, small meals a day - avoid fats and carbs.

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